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More affiliate make more money online.

It’s not uncommon for information on online moneymaking and online marketing to be in this era (especially in a time when people generally have lower incomes and want to earn extra income)! That is, everyone is more or less exposed to information about how to make money online. But because there is too much information, you may be confused. I don't know what to do to make money on the Internet.

And this is also the problem that I am most often asked about.

In fact, you don't need to think too complicated about the Internet to make money, because it actually has only two core parts: "One is exposure, and the other is purchase behavior."


Today is the first day of the opening of this blog (I hope to receive some flower congratulate...?)! Welcome to my very first blog post! I am so excited to finally start this blog about how I earn money by affiliates.

Ok, make a joke. But if you are watching this article now, it really means that we are very good. Because there are really not many people who will see this article, after all, this website has just been established, and this is the first article of this blog, so no one should know this website.

Running a blog site is hard and takes a lot of time to run, and not necessarily like some well-known bloggers (eg, nine knives, queens, etc.), there are many people who follow you. But why should I still open this blog and continue to operate in the future?