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Today is the first day of the opening of this blog (I hope to receive some flower congratulate...?)! Welcome to my very first blog post! I am so excited to finally start this blog about how I earn money by affiliates.

Ok, make a joke. But if you are watching this article now, it really means that we are very good. Because there are really not many people who will see this article, after all, this website has just been established, and this is the first article of this blog, so no one should know this website.

Running a blog site is hard and takes a lot of time to run, and not necessarily like some well-known bloggers (eg, nine knives, queens, etc.), there are many people who follow you. But why should I still open this blog and continue to operate in the future?


there are four reasons why I want to set up this blog:

1.Share online entrepreneurship, internet marketing knowledge

I am a web entrepreneur and an internet marketing instructor. Entrepreneurs need continuous learning (otherwise it will be eliminated by the market, which is cruel), and the lecturer needs to maintain a lot of reading (after all, the main job of the lecturer is the transmission of information, so it is relatively important to absorb information), and I am Focus on the ever-changing Internet marketing, so reading is more important.

but! In the vast amount of information absorbed every day...only 20% of the content may be really helpful, just like the real essence of a book may be only 15%-20%, others are used to lay out or explain these most important The content is used. To put it simply: "In a big meal, only 20% of them are main dishes (beef), others are appetizers, desserts and drinks".

And I also know that many people now want to learn & understand, online entrepreneurship and online marketing information. After all, this is the easiest and easiest way to create income and build a career for yourself. So I opened this website and put the best information I learned every day in reading & learning & practical combat in this blog, directly presenting 20% ​​of the essence to you. Allows you to eat more beef in less time!

Of course, doing this thing is also a great help for me personally, because it can make me...

2.Continue to practice yourself and improve your self-ability

It’s not easy to continue to produce high-quality online entrepreneurial content, but it’s a very good opportunity for me to improve my ability. I think it’s involuntarily excited... (I’m enjoying it) People who are constantly getting stronger...).

What ability to improve? Of course: "Thinking, expressing" In fact, we are absorbing information every day. This information is not necessarily conveyed to you through books or lectures. Sometimes the short articles we see on the Internet and the content we communicate with friends are also a kind of information. Pass. But it is not good to absorb too much every day, but without thinking about digestion. Because this will degrade the ability to think, and writing a blog is a good way to train your thinking skills (feeling hair will drop a lot...), which will give me a more comprehensive view of this knowledge and more insightful insights.

After input, it is output. Can really learn!

After learning to think, it is more important to learn to "speak" out. When you have a unique insight into a piece of knowledge, you must learn to convert this content into words and films that others can understand and say it. Yes! Many people are afraid to express, this is normal, think about it... Are we used to obeying others' opinions in a group? Yes, because I am afraid to make a wrong decision and say the wrong thing.

But I believe that only those who dare to speak their own opinions will have better growth, and when you dare to say your own ideas, you can let your absorbed knowledge become yours. So I enjoy the process of running this blog. Although it will take me a lot of time, I believe that every high quality content I produce will help you. And at the same time, I can also get more opportunities to improve my ability.

3.systematic knowledge, saving me more time

In the past, when I was doing online marketing teaching and receiving marketing consultants, I was often asked many questions by students & customers. For example, how to get a precise customer list, how to write a sales copy, how to record a movie, etc. without spending advertising costs, etc.

Later, I found that the questions that are often asked are similar, and in most cases these answers have fixed answers, so I will also ask these questions that I often ask (of course this may be yours). Question), all sorted into an article or film, and put this solution on this blog, so... When a friend asks me a similar question in the future, I can answer him quickly and completely. The problem is coming. I believe this will not only help me save more time, but also the information will benefit more people!

4.Gather together, make friends with you

As you can see, my blog is focused on the sharing of information on Internet entrepreneurship, and the transmission of knowledge about Internet marketing. Of course, there will be some articles about personal growth, and occasionally some of my mood diaries.

For online entrepreneurship, I will focus more on providing "high-profit online marketing business that can be easily started by one person". Because many people want to create their own business on the Internet, or earn a income. But most of the information we receive is usually too large (for example. Alibaba's entrepreneurial history, Facebook's success model, Uber's business model, etc.), these are good, but... ordinary people are not easy to achieve. So how can I build a solid network business in the case of one person? I believe that more people need it. This is what I have studied in the past few years and helped my students to do it!

I believe that this information will help you, and there will be someone who likes it, so I will continue to share this kind of information and gather more friends who are interested in this content. Let's make friends and share your thoughts together. . After all, knowing friends who have the same ideas and interests is something that I feel very happy. So I will continue to do it!

Finally, the above 4 points is the original intention of me to start this blog!

Original intention = initial wish

So I will continue to run this blog and share more "high quality" online entrepreneurship and online marketing related content.

If you like my blog theme and agree with any of the ideas I mentioned earlier, you are welcome to leave a message below.

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