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In the world of online marketing, we all know that the customer list is very important! Not just online marketing, it’s the same for any business.

There is such a passage in the entrepreneurial circle: "The ancient merchants would tell the children that if one day the house store is in a fire, the things inside will be burned to ashes, and you only have a little time to bring it out from the inside. The most important thing about things. Please remember to take out the customer list in the store and take him out. " The importance of the list of customers can be seen. because…


Customer list is your small vault

As long as the list is still there, we can provide products at any time to create value for him.

I used to rely on 5,000 licensed lists to allow me to create nearly 7 million in revenue in a short period of time. Until now, I have regarded the list as one of the most important goals. That's why the list is so important, why do most people still have no customer list?

Why would you not have a client list?

Back to the topic, how did the customer list come from? The answer is: "Buy" Yes, you are not mistaken! **The customer list is bought, there is no secret, because getting the customer is the cost.

The easiest understanding is that many bosses (including your competitors) are buying posts and keyword ads on Facebook, Google... Or spend a lot of labor costs to do SEO (search engine optimization), so that consumers can find their products & services in the first time of the search.

Yes! They continue to spend a lot of money on buying ** customers. At this time, most people may say that they have money, and I don’t have the money to buy advertisements. The real problem is here...

Why would you have no money to buy a customer?

Most bosses who have been buying advertisements don't always spend money on buying customers because they have money, because spending money to buy customers can help them earn more money. Simply put, their customers get less than the lifetime value of their customers. This is a bit abstract for those new to marketing.

Let me give you an example:

A vacuum cleaner manufacturer, the cost of selling a NT$30,000 hypothetical one (deducting the cost of goods, logistics costs, etc.) NT$18,000, which means that he can earn NT$12,000 if he sells one. Then he went to calculate that he spent an average of NT$4,000 on Facebook to sell one, and at this time he did not earn NT$8,000. (This is a broad explanation, of course, the repurchase rate will be considered again... but now let's focus on the easier way to understand)

What time are you going to be this boss? Will definitely buy advertising crazy (buy customers) right? of course! Because you know this can help you earn more money.

How ​​can I get more money to buy a customer list?

1. Increase the transaction rate

The easiest way is to increase your turnover rate. When the transaction rate increases, you will have more money to buy more advertisements and buy more customers. This time the list is not a problem for you.

I know two teachers who are investing in education. These two methods of investment are very good (I have almost always been able to make a profit, and profit is similar to Chengdu). The way they recruit students is as follows

  • Step1, advertise or cooperate with others, let people who want to learn investment go to their physical lectures
  • Step2, after the students arrive at the scene, he will actually teach some investment ideas and skills.
  • Step3, at the end of the course, will announce the advanced plan of his investment course

Every time A lecturer's game is often full, he dares to spend money to buy advertising, and many people cooperate with him. The lecturer of B is much bleak, and there are very few lectures for trials. I went to listen to it a few times before I realized... because the way the lecturer B talked on was really tempting, although his course was very solid, but it was not very attractive, so the transaction rate was very low (hope he didn’t watch To this article...); A lecturer is very talkative, so the rate of the site is high, which allows him to spend more money to get customers.

And switching to the Internet is the same, different sales pages, the conversion rate of the transaction will not be the same, isn't it?

2. Improve customer lifetime value (boost your backend)

When doing marketing, we usually have "front-end products" and "back-end products". The back-end products are products and services that you will sell to customers after they become your customers. The back end is the support point of the front end. When the back end is powerful enough, the front end can even be free.

Taiwan probably blew a whirlwind of home coffee machines in 2009. At that time, many manufacturers were selling automatic coffee machines, letting you put a cup of coffee at home to drink (I said that I also wanted to buy the baby dragon at that time... ). When many manufacturers compete in this market, they must become very competitive. At this time, a quiet coffee machine manufacturer launched the "free delivery of 50,000 yuan coffee machine" activities!

At this time, if you are a coffee machine, you will definitely want to say: "What is he going to earn? Do you do charity? "Of course, not to be a charity, and even if it is a charity, there must be profit, or how to stick to it, right?

This is the case, you will need coffee beans when you buy a coffee machine. So he is agreeing with you. If you buy coffee beans with him every month for two years, then this machine will be given to you free of charge, and coffee beans are the money you will spend in the future.

The NT$50,000 coffee machine assumes a cost of NT$25,000
I buy NT$2,500 coffee beans every month for two years, and assume that the cost of coffee beans is only NT$1,000.
So NT$1,500 (net profit of coffee beans) x December x 2 years = NT$36,000
NT$36,000 (two years of revenue) – NT$25,000 (cost of coffee machine) = NT$11,000 (net profit)

So when the boss sends out a coffee machine, he can earn NT$11,000 in two years. There is no middle to sell him more coffee beans, machine repairs, other add-on products.

In the actual case above, the coffee machine is the front end and the back end is the coffee bean. In the real business world, this kind of case abounds, like someone else in the water purifier (send the water filter, but the money to earn the filter).

The gym will attract you with a free fitness experience for a week, then sell your members, then sell your coaching classes, sporting goods, health foods and even yoga classes.

This is normal, because after you start exercising, you will want to learn the correct way to exercise, and you will want to assist your equipment to avoid injury, and you will hope to achieve your desired posture faster through diet. So it will enter a sales cycle.

The three pillars of corporate profitability

"number of clients"
"Transfer conversion rate"
"Customer Lifetime Value"

The more you have the list, the more money you can make (larger), but as you said at the outset, customers buy and advertise. And you have to make sure that you can spend money to buy customers, you have to have a certain turnover rate, and this turnover rate allows you to level your advertising expenses.

Then, the back end is the support point of the front end. If your customer comes in your sales cycle, in addition to the first product sold. You have other products & services that can be sold to him to make him pay more. Then you can even make the front end free, when the transaction rate will increase significantly. Your career profit will jump to a higher level.

There is an endless list of customers

Finally, go back to the beginning of this article title: " Why most people will not have a client list"

Because he does not have a high-margin front-end product, he can't afford to buy customers, because every time he spends money, he needs to improve the turnover rate of his front-end products.

Only 101 products will be sold forever. When the customer has finished purchasing, it will be over. Nothing can be sold to him. As a result, his customer's lifetime value is very low, and the price of the front-end product cannot be lowered, so the transaction rate is naturally limited.

At this point, you should go to design your own sales model map, join the back-end products and services, so that each customer's lifetime value is improved, preferably the front-end can be low-cost, or even free. Let the enterprise map expand rapidly (because there will be a bunch of customers coming to you at this time).

The last one is that many people still think that they want to attract customers by means of free traffic. I don't know if this is the most time-consuming and least effective way.

Switch to the paid traffic, and match the 1, 2 items mentioned above to let the business take off quickly.
The above is today's sharing, I hope the article has created value for you, if you have any ideas, you can leave a message below.

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