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Whether it's a Weibo page or a website, you'll end up with it: your business goes online and is searchable for millions of potential customers and partners. You will be proud of it, but you will be a little uneasy about what you will do next.

Not only you are like this.

For most companies, the steps taken after the company goes live can make your success plan and disrupt your success plan. The following are five key items that cannot be ignored.

1.Build your own brand

Establish your brand using a website
Whether you have a domain name that redirects to a social media page, or one or more domain names that point to your own website, your web address is your own online brand. Make sure to integrate the domain name into all aspects: business cards, ads, logos, email signatures and other elements.

Some small businesses ignore the use of their domain name as a professional branded email address, but when building a brand, this is a simple and cost-effective way to make yourself more reliable. In fact, 75% of customers trust the company's branded e-mail address compared to the free e-mail address. 1 The service used to register a domain name can help you set up your company brand email address. Finally, make sure that any offline activity has a visible connection to the online brand.

2.Content, content, or content

Creating content as an internet marketing strategy
Now you have a platform to communicate with your customers. Then please use this platform. If you don't have attractive high-quality content to strengthen your brand and differentiate, you run the risk of homogenization competition. There are a lot of suggestions for content marketing, but here are a few more helpful suggestions:

Stick to your own thoughts: If you stick to the theme you love, you will be more attractive to readers.
Be as simple as possible: Blogs are a great and easy way to post content on your website without spending a lot of money or taking up a lot of time. Each blog is 2-3 paragraphs, and others are allowed to proofread the content before posting.

Compliance: Social media and websites can be configured to provide general metrics such as clicks and views. Use this data to think about your work, to find out what works, and more importantly, to know which ones are useless.

3.Start looking for customers (email and social push marketing)

91% of customers search for local goods or services online 2, but millions of businesses, websites and social pages, so don't expect customers to find you. You must go out and take the initiative to find them. Here are three effective ways to help you find new customers:

Email marketing

One of the most effective ways to target your audience's marketing is to start an email marketing campaign. Learn more about using email marketing.

Social media marketing

Many social media platforms have introduced easy-to-manage paid promotional programs for small business owners. Learn how to advertise on social media.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Also known as paid search, it places your company list on the paid ad portion of the search engine results page based on keywords. Learn how to use paid search for greater exposure.

4.Marketing and designed for real money and silver

Selling products through your website
If you plan to sell directly online, you will need to enable certain business functions that allow you to accept orders, process payments, and support communications. Even if you don't plan to sell products online through standard e-commerce features, you should still use a website or social page for boot capture and processing. Websites can embed links and forms to capture potential customer information for further sales follow-up. Most social networking sites have developed methods to accomplish the same goal, such as Taobao's "direct buy" feature.

5.Prepare for the next step

Planning your internet marketing strategy
No matter where you start, when you get to this point, you should be prepared for the next big challenge. Whether it's moving from a social page to a full-featured website, or adding a website to include mobile optimization or e-commerce, you need to develop more complex and detailed plans for specific business goals to stay ahead of the competition and market.

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