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Direct Marketing, also known as direct marketing, is a marketing method that is very popular now and is quite helpful for business operations (especially the Internet). Many foreign network marketing masters have achieved annual revenues of NT$100 million by this type of marketing alone.

Maybe you haven't heard the term direct marketing, which is normal. Because in the past this kind of marketing was rarely discussed, until the Internet technology became more and more developed, it began to appear the importance of this marketing method for business operations, and the effectiveness of performance improvement. Until now it is a marketing model you can't ignore!


Then I declare that I am writing this article not to do research, nor to talk about marketing theory, nor to explain this marketing term, mainly because this marketing model has been in Europe and America for a long time, and is currently being used in mainland China. A considerable number of people adopt it, especially in the era of big data. Using this kind of marketing method can indeed help the explosive growth of the performance of individual entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized enterprises. It’s just that there are still very few people in Taiwan who know that (every time I tell others that my expertise is network direct marketing, no one knows... I asked if this is a direct sales...), so I just want to write this article to be simple. Share what is direct marketing.

Then, because direct marketing has many different interpretation methods on the Internet, there is no right or wrong (after all, the nouns of marketing will have different factions), but these materials usually have one drawback: they are too theoretical. (That is, you probably don't understand it...) So I will explain it in a relatively simple way, so that you can quickly understand what Direct Marketing is.

Then go directly to the topic...

What is Direct Marketing?

Direct marketing is just a marketing method. As a matter of fact, we first define what he is. You explained it to Wikipedia:

Direct marketing is the attempt to deliver communication information directly to customers through identifiable media, such as by mail and email or face-to-face. Direct marketing is different from the usual advertising communication. It does not rely on third-party media, nor does it transmit information on the open market, advertising columns or broadcast television media. Information about goods or services is directly targeted to the target customer.

This explanation seems to be a bit of classical Chinese (no way, is this a more theoretical statement...), and what we have said is simple: "direct, effective, measurable, a marketing promotion method that customers can quickly interact with you." . 』

Then talk about the more common actual cases:

  • Face-to-face sales (direct marketing to existing customers)
  • Direct mail delivery (Several years ago you will often receive a postal catalogue of your post office, an annual catalogue sent by the department store)
  • Telephone marketing (insurance companies or car loan companies call you directly to ask)
  • Internet (Ex. A bunch of E-Mail e-mails you often receive)
  • TV shopping ads (the kind of promotional TV shopping ads, yes... that is the kind of TV commercial that has been crazy to give away gifts on the channel)
  • Let’s talk about what it means to be direct, effective, measurable, and how quickly customers can interact with you.

You do not communicate directly with your target customers through other media. For example, you have a list of your customers, so when you have a new product launch, you can contact him directly via E-Mail or by phone, telling him that a new product is available and asking if he wants to make a purchase. And this has not gone through the other, because you are directly communicating with potential customers.

If you put the goods on the shelves of the distributors today (Ex. 7-11, Family Convenience Store, RT-Mart, etc.), then it is not in line with the principle of direct marketing, because you are selling your products to the terminal. There is a channel in the process of the person, you are not directly connected to the consumer, that is, you will use the third party in the middle.


The main reason for this kind of marketing model is to effectively generate orders, others are redundant. If you are doing TV commercials or broadcast advertisements today, will they immediately take action to buy your products after hearing and seeing them? Usually not. Just like you see Coca-Cola ads on TV commercials, will you go to Coke to drink immediately after reading? Usually not! So this traditional TV commercial is mainly about making a brand, which is to make people remember you. He does not focus on sales and results.
The opposite direct marketing advertisement is a result-oriented advertisement. For example, if you go directly to the customer's door, what do you want? Say: "Hello, I am XX company, please remember me 喔^^" Of course it is impossible. It must be to deal with customers and produce results. And this is the part of the direct marketing model that is effective.


Another important aspect of direct marketing is measurability, which means: "I want to know who made the action. The same is true of traditional TV commercials. When I spent a million to put on a TV commercial, I didn’t know who took the action to see someone who took the action. Even if the performance of that month is a little better, I don’t know if it’s because of the effect of this ad....

If I am targeting my existing customers today, for example, I have an E-Mail list of 10,000 customers. When I have a new product, I will send EDM directly to them. As a result, 100 people have written back to me. To buy. I can actually know that this EDM has an effect on them. And I can clearly know their background information (men, women, years, where to live, etc.), which will help optimize my marketing activities. And this is what traditional traditions cannot do with the marketing model of third-party media & channels.

[Customers can interact with you instantly]

This is very easy to understand, whether you use face-to-face sales, use the phone for marketing, send EDM via E-Mail, etc., customers can contact you directly after receiving, and TV advertising, broadcasting, these are relative tougher.

Nowadays, with the rapid development of the Internet, almost 80% of the media on the Internet have the characteristics that enable customers to interact with you instantly, and more channels are in line with this direct marketing feature.

The above simply explains what direct marketing is, and I hope to help you. Finally, make a simple summary

1. Direct
Do not directly contact the target customer through the help of third-party media & access, usually the list of customers you have, because you will know their phone number and mailing address.

2. Valid
Effectively generating orders, unlike traditional brand advertising, only increases exposure, allowing customers to remember you; direct marketing is only one goal, which is to ask customers to take action (usually to buy).

3. measurable
To be able to accurately know who is taking action, it is not possible to accurately grasp the target customers who are responding through third-party access.

4. Customers can interact with you instantly
That is, when a customer sees your ad or contacts your message, they can immediately start a conversation with you, or send a message to you, and because the Internet is now developed, almost all Internet marketing methods have this feature.

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