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Affiliate Marketing If you are no stranger to online marketing, I believe you must have heard of affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a marketing method that can help manufacturers (people with products or services) sell more products; let promoters without products (blog webmasters, individuals, marketers) In the absence of goods, it is easy to help sell goods and get the profits you deserve**. In the field of Internet marketing, it can be said that it is the easiest way for newcomers to enter the Internet (I will explain why).


What is the marketing of the alliance?

Affiliate Marketing, also known as the Affiliate Program, simply means that the company that owns the goods or services (herein referred to as the manufacturer), and the webmaster or blogger, or the individual (referred to as the promoter here) Establish a partnership. Let the partner website or blog help to advertise or market this product, share the profit to the webmaster or blog after the transaction, and achieve a marketing method for the purpose of merchandising or list collection.

This kind of marketing is not something that has happened recently. As early as 1996, Amazon, one of the largest retailers on the Internet, started doing it. At the time, Amazon Open everyone was able to register as a member and distribute all their merchandise on the Internet and give a reasonable commission. In this way, it brings a lot of traffic and turnover to its website (tens of thousands of people are helping them to promote it), and it also makes many people online marketers and SOHO make a lot of money.

For example, I can easily understand, for example, I have an online store that sells 3C products such as laptops, speakers, LCD monitors, etc., so I open up the alliance marketing so that everyone can come to me. Registered members of the website, registered members can obtain the qualification to sell products on my side. And for every product I sell, I give a 20% commission to the person who sells it (for example, if I sell a 20,000 laptop, I will give you a commission of 4,000).

On the one hand, my sales volume has been improved. On the one hand, others (promoters) can get the profits they deserve by selling my products, and it does not need to manufacture products by themselves!

Alliance marketing, the best way to make money for beginners

This sounds like it seems to be a bit like a promoter's product to sell. Isn't it? It sounds like this is true, but there is a wonderful difference between alliance marketing and product distribution. Because the promoters do not need to purchase goods when doing alliance marketing, and even the subsequent shipments do not need to be processed, and completely zero cost.

Most of the affiliate marketing is like this. If you register as a member of this manufacturer, you can have your own promotion page (the manufacturer directly copies it to you), then you just need to spread the page out, someone through this page When you buy something, it will automatically calculate your performance and you will get a commission. The consumer is buying with the manufacturer, the shipment is also the manufacturer, you (promoter) only need to spread the product to get the income, what kind of gold flow, logistics, customer service you do not need to deal with.

For newcomers who have just entered the Internet marketing and making money online, they may encounter problems such as no products, no money on the Internet, how to ship them later, and no web pages. These affiliates have helped you solve this problem. You only need to spread out the product page. If you buy it, you can get the profit directly.

For example, there is a blogger who specializes in writing 3C products. His blogs are all about writing 3C products, and there are many people who love 3C to watch. At this time, he only needs to write an introduction about a 3C product. Then put the affiliate marketing page for this product. When someone buys it, they can make a lot of income, so affiliate marketing is actually a source of income for many bloggers!

What are the channels for affiliate marketing? Is there Taiwan? Is there a mainland?

The pipeline of alliance marketing is now almost everywhere. After all, 21st century products are not a problem, ** marketing is the key. It is king to sell the products. Naturally, the manufacturers of alliance marketing will open the alliance marketing when the products are suitable for promotion, so that more people can help them sell products & advertise.

★Common foreign affiliate marketing platform

★Taiwan's common affiliate marketing platform

★China's common alliance marketing platform

The above list only some of the affiliate marketing platforms (but both are relatively large and familiar), because there are many platforms for providing such services, and small vendors with some individuals will provide this distribution mechanism.

In addition, the mainland is currently not using this traditional alliance marketing method, almost all of them are doing micro-distribution. Just join the member directly on WeChat (almost any micro-business can do), then transfer the product, and sell the money immediately into your WeChat account. This kind of party is extremely hot on the mainland, and has the opportunity to write an article to share with you this special micro-distribution model.

The commission for affiliate marketing is also different.

If you are a promoter, this is probably what you care about the most. If you sell 10,000 products, can you get a 5% (500) commission or a 50% (5,000) commission? In fact, each alliance marketing platform is different.

With Taiwan's King of Paths, he has hundreds of thousands of products on his list. The percentage of transactions is about 5%-20%. Is it not high? In fact, it is also okay, because most of his products are physical products, that is, after you successfully promoted, the latter manufacturers have to send goods to consumers, invoicing, etc., so the manufacturers also need some cost.

However, compared with some foreign platforms, 5%-20% is indeed relatively small. For example, like ClickBank in foreign countries, the commission for their products is very high, most of them are 50%, I have seen 70% (you sell 100,000 pieces, you can get 70,000). Why is it so high? Because ClickBank mainly sells virtual goods (e-books, software, audio-visual discs), most of these things have no cost and no logistics. After you sell it, the manufacturer only needs to send the software to the purchaser with E-Mail, and naturally it can send most of the profits to the promoters.

to sum up

If you are a manufacturer and want to use affiliate marketing to increase your product sales, you can consider putting your product on the affiliate marketing platform, which may effectively increase your product performance.

If you are a blogger, or want to rely on other people's products to earn extra money, you can go to the various marketing channels to find.

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