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Hello, my name is Hong Yulong Darren (founder and webmaster of this website). Marketing people, online entrepreneurs, bloggers, speakers. I also wanted to be a musician, but the piano didn't practice, but I knocked on a good keyboard. Now rely on the network + computer + keyboard, knock out your own unique life melody.

From Taipei, Taiwan, born in the late 80s, it has been rolling in the online marketing industry for nearly seven years. I didn't make any dime on the Internet from the beginning, and now I have an 8-year online business with annual revenue. It has also created a record of over 7 million revenues in a month for selling information products on the Internet (the record has not been broken yet). I feel that everything is hard to come by, thanks to the persistence of past and the accumulation of experience.

Like to travel, love to watch the One Piece, advocating freedom. I believe that people have unlimited possibilities. As long as they are willing to take the first step, they feel that entrepreneurship is a risk-taking attitude towards life. They believe that the Internet is the easiest way to help individuals build their career income. Everyone should be encouraged to have a passive income online after work.

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