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Whether it's a Weibo page or a website, you'll end up with it: your business goes online and is searchable for millions of potential customers and partners. You will be proud of it, but you will be a little uneasy about what you will do next.

Not only you are like this.

For most companies, the steps taken after the company goes live can make your success plan and disrupt your success plan. The following are five key items that cannot be ignored.

1.Build your own brand

Establish your brand using a website
Whether you have a domain name that redirects to a social media page, or one or more domain names that point to your own website, your web address is your own online brand. Make sure to integrate the domain name into all aspects: business cards, ads, logos, email signatures and other elements.

Some small businesses ignore the use of their domain name as a professional branded email address, but when building a brand, this is a simple and cost-effective way to make yourself more reliable. In fact, 75% of customers trust the company's branded e-mail address compared to the free e-mail address. 1 The service used to register a domain name can help you set up your company brand email address. Finally, make sure that any offline activity has a visible connection to the online brand.


Direct Marketing, also known as direct marketing, is a marketing method that is very popular now and is quite helpful for business operations (especially the Internet). Many foreign network marketing masters have achieved annual revenues of NT$100 million by this type of marketing alone.

Maybe you haven't heard the term direct marketing, which is normal. Because in the past this kind of marketing was rarely discussed, until the Internet technology became more and more developed, it began to appear the importance of this marketing method for business operations, and the effectiveness of performance improvement. Until now it is a marketing model you can't ignore!



Affiliate Marketing If you are no stranger to online marketing, I believe you must have heard of affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a marketing method that can help manufacturers (people with products or services) sell more products; let promoters without products (blog webmasters, individuals, marketers) In the absence of goods, it is easy to help sell goods and get the profits you deserve**. In the field of Internet marketing, it can be said that it is the easiest way for newcomers to enter the Internet (I will explain why).



In the world of online marketing, we all know that the customer list is very important! Not just online marketing, it’s the same for any business.

There is such a passage in the entrepreneurial circle: "The ancient merchants would tell the children that if one day the house store is in a fire, the things inside will be burned to ashes, and you only have a little time to bring it out from the inside. The most important thing about things. Please remember to take out the customer list in the store and take him out. " The importance of the list of customers can be seen. because…



It’s not uncommon for information on online moneymaking and online marketing to be in this era (especially in a time when people generally have lower incomes and want to earn extra income)! That is, everyone is more or less exposed to information about how to make money online. But because there is too much information, you may be confused. I don't know what to do to make money on the Internet.

And this is also the problem that I am most often asked about.

In fact, you don't need to think too complicated about the Internet to make money, because it actually has only two core parts: "One is exposure, and the other is purchase behavior."